About us

A team of professionals who love what they do.

We activate startups and consolidated company brands by focusing on the people. We build coherent brand identities from within to make them recognisable from the outside.

All we give is love.

Our work is led by our love for what we do. We take great care in every step of our process, and focus on personal relationships just as much as the results.

Work to make people happier.

We work on what we like doing to be happy, and make sure that the teams we work with are too. Building brands based on people helps them know if they share the same values as the company and feel that they’re in the right place.

Better done and perfect.

We view excellence as a requirement linked to context and circumstances. We always aim as high as possible and adapt to all situations without letting them hold us back or stop us.

In case you wanted to put faces to names...

Ismael Barros

Co-founder and Director

Laurent Dietrich

Co-founder and Tech Director

Laura Carreira

Designer and Illustrator

Sora Leo

Project Manager

Maria Martins

UI Designer

Elísabet Andreu

Front-End Developer

Javier López

Front-End Developer

Ritxi Ostáriz

Lead Designer

Anna Bohigas

Visual Designer

Marta Hontangas

Visual Designer

María León

Brand Strategist

Ana Picado

Brand Activation and Comms

Miquel Gomis

Senior UI Developer

We have also been lucky to work with Carmen, Camilo, Laura, Viktoriya, Andrés, Ismael, George, António, Jorge, Jesús, Belle, Miriam, Máximo, Sofía, Ona.

The office

Our little corner, the place where the Solubles get down to work, meet up, discuss the battles from the weekend, and dare we say it, get motivated thinking of ourselves as pros at foosball.