Liberate branding in order to be


Growth is often used to refer to an increase in size. An increase in turnover, an increase in the size of the workforce. But there is also a growth that relates to maturing, completing stages, moving to the next level. Growing by knowing each other, and growing by gaining trust.

In our case, in addition to all of the above, growing also refers to adapting to a new forced reality that we take advantage of, to gain momentum, and to consolidate what we have been building for years.

At Soluble, we are clear that we are here to be happy, and to make as many people happy as possible. To enjoy ourselves, and to help others to enjoy themselves as well. Until recently, this was mostly happening in the physical world, with hand-to-hand, face-to-face, physical interactions. Now, (almost) everything happens in the digital world, on a screen, and we are faced with the challenge of continuing to be who we have been all this time.

We have taken advantage of this new normal to restore order, to find a better way to share what we have been doing for years, and to share our roadmap for the future.

Branding for all

A few things are clear: branding is not always the most popular concept. It is always usually attributed to something vague, slow, expensive, and reserved for the big fish. But the truth is that branding is no more than a series of tools and strategies that allow us to take advantage of an asset that all companies have: their brand.

If this is the case, wouldn't it be wonderful if all companies could benefit from the extra help that putting their brand to work brings? At the end of the day, a healthy brand allows you to gain time to achieve a purpose, to fulfil a mission.

That's what we are all about. In a thousand different ways, from day one at Soluble, we have been looking for ways for brands to have a positive impact on business and society. To build value (shot) that translates into returns (shot). Resources and processes that build links between companies and people.

Liberating branding means making it accessible and understandable. Empowering companies and their teams with brand creation and management tools, so that they can afford to focus on what they are, and not what trends or comparisons dictate.

Contrasting identity

This way of understanding what we do deserves to be shared at every opportunity, and what better occasion than our own identity.

We have the experience and knowledge, and we strive to make them accessible and to demystify them. We are rigour and precision, combined with ease and authenticity.

We have our methods, processes, and structures that make up the framework where we can achieve excellent results by being natural, spontaneous, and even a little romantic. Being who we are.

We have a blank canvas where we express ourselves freely. This is our identity.

On a verbal level, we set some minimum guidelines that reinforce authenticity over and over again. We reject posing and pretending to be something that we are not. This also applies to speaking or writing.

On a visual level, a wonderful universe of possibilities opens up to us.

Northern rigour, southern emotion

Our visual identity revolves around a typography (Rand), used with rigour and precision to articulate a space where we can be, where we can express ourselves and have accents of emotion.

As important as typography or a pattern is, we need to have the tools that allow us to express ourselves, to complete the identity. These tools will be specific to each channel, although we will create our own on each occasion.

Strokes, colours, gifs, and emojis as accents on sober and rigorous black and white canvases. We use the smile as a visual system, a motif that is as imprecise as it is beautiful and inspiring.

We have a new identity where not everything goes, but everything can be.

An infinite canvas in which you can be

We bring all this to our new website, where we take our time to introduce ourselves and to share what all this is about. We invite whoever visits us to be, completing what they see on the screen using the drawing tool.

The contributions will be published on this Instagram account to create a dialogue between the team and visitors who leave us a sample of their artwork.

The idea is to tell more, much more, to break down each point of everything that we have in this first article. For now, we have managed to launch our new expanding universe, where we can simply be.

Stay close.