Soluble invests in Mentiness

A decision in alignment with our purpose


What makes a purpose meaningful are the decisions, small and large, that it fuels you to make as an organization. 'Making people happier at work' is Soluble's reason for being, what gives meaning to our day-to-day, the why behind our decisions and, without any doubt, the best way to choose our fellow travelers.

It happened to us with Mentiness: We knew right away that our brands shared much more than a purpose. In the early stages of the project, we dove deep into the platform and the philosophy behind it in order to shape its brand strategy and identity. At that point, we were aware of the direct impact that Mentiness can have and already has on the happiness of organizations and their people. With this information, shortly after finishing the project that brought us together, we made our first decision: To integrate their analytics and mental health platform into our wellness culture.

We saw that it was a platform created with the ambitious vision of solving an imperative need of the market and of companies and businesses. We saw that it was also eminently pragmatic, and data-driven, improving our working environment as soon as it was implemented, and offering solutions and support of the highest quality.

Thus came our second decision, the one we want to share today, one of the big ones: We’ve invested in Mentiness to further this common purpose.

For some months now, we’ve been sharing resources, our experience and expertise with the Mentiness team. Actions to make this project grow and reach more people, actions to get us closer to our transcendence of tomorrow and that purpose that wakes us up every morning. And —even if it sounds like just sweet words— without losing sight of the fact that the focus is on offering practical, agile, consistent and long-lasting solutions to a fundamental pain point in organizations: The mental health of their people.

Mentiness’ journey

Although our relationship with Mentiness began last fall, Rebeca Calvo and Javier Serrano, its founders, started this project in 2021. They based their SaaS on a proposal that approaches mental health in companies as a process, where it’s essential to know the state of people accurately, monitor it continuously and obtain real data. From there, problems can be predicted and prevented, detecting areas for improvement and providing solutions.

This innovative way of combining people analytics and intervention by qualified psychologists is what sets Mentiness apart. Real-time measurement (of mental health, culture and work climate) is aimed at making evidence-based decisions to design real, strategically based actions. It’s an extremely important resource that can generate a measurable and quantifiable return on investment for companies, to ensure not only the well-being of the team, but also business indicators.

Mentiness, awarded at the HR Innovation Summit

At Mentiness they continue to advance on their platform to improve mental health in companies, and their full process approach (unifying data, causes and solutions) has just been recognized at the HR Innovation Summit, where they won the HR Start Up competition in the "Employee Journey" category. From here, and being true to their purpose, they want to keep growing, helping people and improving organizations. And at Soluble we want to support them in this sustainable growth.

We know that Mentiness is a brand with a great future, and by giving them our support, as part of their board, we have a clear objective: To accompany them in this promising start, so that they continue their good trajectory with brand expertise. So that they continue to make people happier at work and everywhere else.

"We know that part of the successes we’re having these months, including that award for our innovative vision at the HR Innovation Summit, is thanks to our team, to having the best people and professionals walking by our side. With Soluble, we feel that we’re walking faster and with a firm step, towards a shared purpose called wellbeing".

Rebeca Barros

"At first we were at the point of simply wanting a logo and pretty colors, but at the same time, we were struggling to write a single line that described us. Soluble helped us pull out all the loose ideas we had about the brand and presented us with a strategy and identity that reflected us 100%. It was a real eye-opener and we realized how right it was to work with Soluble and all the people on the team".

Javier Serrano

"In the first meeting with Soluble, I became aware of the way they work, both structured and focused on generating not only beautiful designs, but an identity perfectly linked to our values, our purpose, our what, why and how. They truly helped us put our personality into words and think differently. That’s priceless. Today, Soluble and Mentiness are closer and more connected than ever. Javier, Rebeca and I feel that we can count on Soluble's teammates as fellow travelers".

Óscar de Miguel

"We have a lot of things in common with Mentiness, including the use of technology to improve people's lives. Now, together, we’ll be able to take that idea much further.”

Laurent Dietrich

“With Mentiness, we feel that we’re taking another step towards our purpose and that we’re doing it in good company. We know that together we’ll be able to do more for the mental health of people within organizations, but also do it better and not forget to enjoy this shared journey”.

Ismael Barros