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Today we seek to live differently. We aspire to take charge of how we live and feel in that life, which directly impacts work: Attracting and retaining talent has never been more challenging.

Soluble has a talented team with a human quality that enhances my day-to-day work.

Miquel Hernandez, Managing Director IESE


The only constant is change. In the digital environment, we must find the most stable base on top of which to build. What already is and has existed for a long time: Our reality as a company.

Agility and constant adaptation are the keys to RatedPower's collaboration with Soluble.

Eva Cabanach, Head of Marketing


Acting in the short term does not guarantee that we will survive long enough to achieve our purpose as a company. It is time to bet on sustainability and scalability to persist and transcend.

Like all our products, our website is innovative, long-lasting and user-friendly thanks to Soluble. Also, we had a great time during the process.

José R. Gómez, Marketing Director Ecler

We liberate branding, design and technology

putting people and their well-being at the center

TO ACHIEVE positive impact on the business


Spending (less and better) and earning more. Both money and energy.


Doing it for as long as is required and with the necessary tranquillity.


Building strong bonds with clients and talent so they will stay.


Being seen, recognized and chosen by those we want.


Achieving the company’s purpose in a sustainable way.

Our goal will always be to empower teams to be autonomous, agile and consistent in their work.


We organize our capabilities across a board where we move as specialists in different disciplines, coordinated and with a cross-cutting vision.

Ismael Barros
Laurent Dietrich
Elísabet Andreu
Javier López
Anna Bohigas
Eva Solà
Marta Factor
Emil Iosipescu
María Losada
Julia Vallina
Ada Fàbregas
Núria Monmany
Celia Santos
Carmen Fraga
Estela Pedrero
Cristian R. Marín
Andrea Martínez
Jonathan Martínez
Daniel Senior
Julio García

We help identify and develop the relevant essence to build brands from within and project them outwards. We do not invent but help discover, and then provide digital brands with their own resources that they can use to show themselves in their most relevant touchpoints (digital or not).

Brand Center

Brand consultancy

Brand platform

Brand architecture


Verbal identity and messages

Visual identity and system

Applications and packaging

Illustrations and iconography

Launch and deployment

Communication campaigns

Written and visual content

Video and photography


Applied technology

Employer branding and culture

Events (offline and online)

Working spaces

Digital products are one of the main touchpoints of the brands we work with, so combining branding and product is the key to achieving the return and impact on the business we seek. We put strategy, design and technology at the service of the digital experience.

Digital product strategy

Product management

Design systems

Service design

User research

UX optimization

UX writing

Information architecture

Interaction design


Interactions and applications

Web design and development

Landing page design and development

Digital product design

Front-end development

Back-end no-code

Mobile Apps



Codely: New brand and website for an online training platform for coders. Top quality, good vibes and a unique personality, that’s Codely.

Cuerva, beyond energy: A new brand identity and web platform.

My IESE: A platform to enhance the student's digital experience.

Declarando: Strategy and brand identity to make life easier for self-employed people.

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