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Mentiness came to Soluble in 2022. Javier Serrano and Rebeca Calvo, its co-founders, had been working on the project for a year: a SaaS based on People Analytics complemented with quality services to improve mental health in organizations. This innovative way of combining People Analytics and qualified psychologists' intervention sets Mentiness apart. It also makes its solution a critical resource that can generate a measurable and quantifiable return on investment for companies. Ensure the well-being of the team and the business indicators.

They came to us to work on their brand. They needed a strategy and an identity that would help them in that moment of growth, of making themselves known. From the first conversations, we immediately knew that Soluble and Mentiness had much in common.

Technology with a human approach

In the early stages of the project, we immersed ourselves in the knowledge of the platform and the philosophy behind it to shape the strategy and brand identity. At that moment, we were already aware of the direct impact that Mentiness can have on the happiness of organizations and their people. We saw that it was a platform created from an ambitious vision to solve an imperative need of the market and of companies and businesses. We saw that it was also eminently pragmatic, based on data, improving the climate from its implementation and offering solutions and support of the highest quality.

We defined a brand strategy that positions Mentiness as the perfect union between technology and psychology, with a scientific and human approach. With a purpose that leads them to work to give mental health the importance it deserves in organizations. We rounded up the brand strategy, all those actionable concepts, with a wise-rebellious personality. A vital issue to develop an identity that would reflect everything they really are, and that would also help us humanize their communication.

Making the invisible visible

We adopted an expert and inspiring tone of voice, using clear and accessible language, willing to make the invisible visible. Speaking from expert knowledge but with the will to capture the interest, we put ourselves in the listener's shoes, bringing a sense of understanding.

For this reason, the infinitive verb form is strategically relevant. Its use helps us communicate different messages without giving orders or generating tension, providing rhythm.

The mirror effect

Mentiness gives us tools to know ourselves and, in a way, puts us in front of a mirror that we should not be afraid of; we should embrace it and act accordingly. From this most inspiring and emotional part of the brand comes the concept that articulates the visual identity, the "mirror effect", with a design that reflects both the scientific and the emotional part of the brand. And it is backed by the more scientific side since all this is possible thanks to the mirror neurons, which allow us to empathize with others and ourselves.

Thus, the logo reflects the concept of the mirror effect, taking advantage of the symmetrical nature of the "M" to make a simple but direct visual game with the concept. It is accompanied by rigorous typography but with close details.

Our chosen typography and colors play a crucial role in reinforcing our brand's image. The predominantly gray color palette, inspired by technology and the reflections of a mirror, adds a professional yet human touch to our brand. It's a strategic choice that complements our brand's identity and is supported by a functional palette for use in graphics, metrics, and the Mentiness digital platform.

New challenges for the brand

With Mentiness's growth came new challenges for the business. Understanding that the brand answered many of these new questions, we redefined the corporate website and worked on effective commercial materials.

We started by analyzing the current website, in which the team, their clients, and investors needed more clarity in the information. In addition, it did not transmit all the evolution of the product, the solutions, and the team. The standard issue: 'Our website does not tell what we are'.

In this new phase, our approach focused on creating a direct and accessible website. A new digital home for Mentiness, one that clearly communicates their differential proposal and the importance of working on mental health for the business, evidencing its ROI. With the focus also placed on its internationalization and conversion, taking into account the conversations they had to have with potential investors.

At this point, we also had to attend to other points of contact: commercial materials and social networks. We worked to align them with the updated message that their new website would convey and, of course, with Mentiness's visual and verbal identity.

Joining the conversation

After raising the level of Mentiness touchpoints, the team wanted to prepare to communicate in this new stage sustainably with consistency and impact. So, we shared with them a few sessions in which we shared the keys to activating their brand and making the most of their strategy and identity. We talked about how to get ideas to generate valuable content for their audiences, how to apply the zoom zoom-out methodology to create a flexible and realistic content calendar, and how to take care of the community,... We also identified the opportunity to strengthen Rebeca's personal brand with her own strategy. She is a vital part of Mentiness and an authentic born communicator.

We are very happy to know that in recent months they have already made their brand dance in the most important events of the sector. They are also very active on social networks, where they share content with a scientific but very human approach, like the rebel sages they are.

Always on their team

Mentiness is making steady progress, positioning itself as a trusted partner and consolidating its presence in the market. And, from Soluble, we continue working hand in hand with them to transform mental health in organizations -starting with our own- and generate a positive and sustainable impact. Shortly after completing the branding project, we made our first decision: to integrate their platform into our wellness culture. Last year, we took another step on this shared path: we invested in Mentiness, sharing our resources, experience, and expertise with the team to further this common purpose.

"At the beginning we were at the point of just wanting a logo and nice colors, but at the same time we were struggling to write a single line that described us. Soluble helped us get out all the messy ideas we had about the brand and presented us with a strategy and identity that we felt 100% reflected. It was very revealing, and we realized how right it was to work with Soluble and all the people that make up the team".

Javier Serrano, co-founder & CEO

"We know that part of the successes we are having these months, including that award for our innovative vision at the HR Innovation Summit, are thanks to our team, to having the best people and professionals walking by our side. With the Soluble team we feel that we are walking faster and with a firm step, towards a shared purpose that is called wellbeing".

Rebeca Calvo, co-founder & Head of Psychology