Cyberclick: The happiest company in the world

Brand Strategy, Identity, Activation



Cyberclick is one of the pioneers of online advertising and marketing in Spain. With a track record that goes back to the end of the 90s, they were the first to guarantee results in online advertising and work on generating new leads. They were able to ride out the dot-com crash by building a horizontal team focused on constantly improving their methodology to predict market changes. This allowed them to position themselves as one of the leading companies in the sector, a title they still hold today.

The Cyberclick logo before and after rebranding

Strategic analysis is essential in constructing a new brand built on solid foundations. The work with the Cyberclick team was decisive and really valuable.

«Growing (with) digital marketing» is the value proposition that Cyberclick uses to express how it grows its clients’ projects through digital marketing, whilst also furthering the discipline with their knowledge and materials.

One of the biggest transformations the digital world has undergone since the turn of the millennium is the change from clicking to tapping, or in other words from using the mouse to using our fingers. The arrival of touchscreen devices has transformed online advertising and the way that online advertising agencies carry out their work. With isotype, the challenge was to graphically capture the next tap in mobile interactions, as well as the process it kick-starts by keeping the “C” and making the result an evolution of the previous visual identity.

Avenir, using current geometric shapes and circles perfectly suited our requirement.

Isotype and wordmark come together in a new layout that retains elements of the layout of the previous graphic mark.

Once we had defined the visual and verbal identity we moved on to applying them to the various applications Cyberclick needs on a daily basis. This is a sample of some of them.