Dozen Investments

New brand and new digital product

Brand Strategy

ew brand and new digital product

Venture capital online

Dozen is deservedly known as the reference in online venture capital funds in Spain. A platform where you can invest in innovative and relevant businesses from just €3,000. After eight years of activity as The Crowd Angel, they asked us for help to reposition their brand where it belonged, giving rise to a project of brand strategy, naming, brand identity, website design, and development of their digital product.

The perfect host

The entire strategy is articulated by the concept of the Perfect Host. The reality is that the concern, involvement, and attention of the entire Dozen team is akin to that of a perfect host: selecting guests, connecting and accompanying them, and ensuring that everything is perfect.

A group of twelve

Twelve is the solar number par excellence, a symbol of order and perfection, charged with symbology, especially in Mediterranean culture, where it speaks of harmony and purity. On numerous occasions, it represents a relevant and select group of people, with the ability to make change. A complete, balanced, perfect structure.

Perfection - also in the visual

Platonic solids or 'perfect solids’ are polyhedra formed by regular polygons that are identical to each other. Specifically, the dodecahedron is made up of twelve equal regular pentagons, and houses a curious secret inside: the symbol of Dozen.

The dodecahedron encloses the intersection of three rectangles of golden proportions in such a way that each of the twelve vertices of the resulting figure coincides with the interior centre of each of the twelve pentagonal faces of the polyhedron.

Dozen creates an environment where everything fits and thrives, building unity and promoting meticulous attention to detail.

We work with a symbol-object, which can be built in three dimensions, and can be touched. We were somewhat surprised to observe how such a great attachment to this new element was born, and a feeling of belonging to the company was triggered simply by having its logo in our hands.

The entire visual system is born from the geometry of the symbol itself and from the imaginary of select environments, where the hosts are in charge of having the relevant people in attendance at all times, and ensuring that everything turns out perfectly.


We helped Dozen to share their value proposition on their website, and to update their product with everything that they had learned over the years. New navigation, flows, structure and patterns of use, brought to life with a new design system that is born from the new visual identity, and from that concept of the perfect host. In this case, we were also able to manage all the front-end programming, and updating the back-end to prepare it for the new stage.


We will be studying closely the new numbers that result from the new product and the new website, but we can already see the first benefits of facing a process like this: attachment, a feeling of belonging within the team. Renewed desire and energy, maximum alignment, and the certainty that goals that previously seemed to be distant dreams can be achieved.