A new consumer brand

Brand Strategy

Ahimsa is the main brand of the Biosurya group, a small family business founded in Zaragoza in 1978 by Teresa and Juan. Today, it has a significant market share, and has been integrated into a leading foreign group in the sector. We are lucky to have worked with them since before the studio was founded, having managed a first rebranding in 2015 and now this repositioning in 2021.

It´s good to look after yourself

Responsibility and innovation have always been present in the company and have been pillars of this brand since the beginning. They have developed from being a specialised brand, aimed at vegetarians and vegans, providing them with variety, flavour and care.


It’s time to make the leap to mass consumption for this brand, whose mission is to bring its food options to as many people as possible, whether vegetarian or not. Demystifying vegetarian food so that it becomes included as an option in omnivorous diets, bringing it to the mainstream. Making it easier for people to eat as they want, taking care of themselves, all without compromising on flavour, and reducing the impact on the Planet.

And a friendly identity too

In this new dialogue, Ahimsa presents itself in a casual language that flees from sophistication. The shapes, colours, and fonts give us a metaphorical and literal wink from the supermarket shelf.

Curves that evoke smiles, and a universe of stickers that seek interaction and play. A way to solve the need to collect a multitude of messages in a small space, while obtaining a range of resources to conquer different media beyond packaging.

A wink from the shelf

The market study gave us clues to find the solution to define the packaging for over 70 references that this brand has, assuming the limitations of production and those inherited from the previous stage.

With an identity that invites you to approach and try, without prejudice or judgement, but with commitment, we define the direction of the product photography, the label composition system, and the necessary tools to train the Biosurya team in solving changes and new references.


We are supporting Ahimsa to make a forceful entry into the mass market and build an emotional bond with people who did not already know the brand. At the same time, the brand image has been strengthened with its previous audience by explicitly reinforcing its commitment to its purpose: bringing friendly food to more people.