Digital product at the service of business objectives

Digital Product

Ecler is a Barcelona-based company that offers video and sound solutions to create living spaces. An organization with deep roots —established 57 years ago, when they started designing and manufacturing— and an innovative spirit. Their path crossed with Soluble because they needed a new website to help them consolidate their position as a leading manufacturer of professional audio and video solutions, as well as to generate leads.

Ecler manufactures products made in Barcelona. Forever products. And their digital product had to be on par in terms of quality and attention to detail.


Our immersion and workshops confirmed that Ecler is a unique case in the market, because of its combination of tradition and innovative drive. The ambition was clear: to reflect Ecler’s long history and company values through impeccable user experience. Also, to expand the market among the less technical public and to work on its positioning in international markets (North America, Asia-Pacific and Africa).

On the digital front, Ecler was a violinist of emerging talent and outstanding quality. It was time to make it shine on the right stage.


The sheer amount of content they needed to display on the website required intensive architectural work. Ensuring a positive user experience was essential, and it was achieved through a carefully designed sitemap.

At the same time, in a project as ambitious as this, it's crucial that all parties involved can work comfortably. We planned a flow of staggered sprints, with constant deliverables, so that Ecler's marketing and content teams could focus on specific, manageable tasks that would create great value. Grasping less, achieving more, and pursuing excellence.


To enhance the user experience, we applied different visual resources such as the use of black and white depending on the type of user. We chose white for technical users, to optimize legibility, and black for C-level visitors, for greater impact and persuasion.

Video plays a major role in this product because it generates greater fluidity, and it also shows the people and products that create these living spaces. It's a fine distillation of Ecler's essence.


Thanks to the Design System we created for this project, our design, product and technology teams could coordinate their work and ensure consistency across the site's many pages.


The richness of Ecler's catalog made it essential for technology to be a facilitator. No half measures. To achieve this, Soluble's Tech team implemented several strategies.

  • An API that, through an internal tool, quickly uploads products to the website and ensures a consistent design.
  • We integrated a ticketing system and offered Ecler a CMS with which they can control, in detail, what they want to show on their website. That leaves more freedom to focus on making sales.
  • Another technological challenge was the maintenance of old functionalities on the same domain as this website. We created a new infrastructure to solve this. Got needs? We've got solutions.


The result is a website with more than 600 pages of great depth and a user experience that contributes to Ecler's positioning and business opportunities. In three different languages, to close the circle.

"Thanks to this project, Ecler has gained a display window, a business card and a tool to underpin, in the digital sphere, the work that the whole team has been doing for decades. We create innovative products for long-lasting performance that are easy to use, three characteristics that were essential for our website and that have been made possible thanks to Soluble. In addition, we had a lot of fun during the whole process," says Jose R. Gómez, Digital Marketing Manager at Ecler.