A platform to ensure the student's digital experience

Producto digital

My IESE is a digital platform that encompasses everything students need when learning at IESE Business School, the world leader in MBAs and Executive Education.

We were faced with a major strategic challenge: To achieve a digital experience that would match IESE's excellent brick-and-mortar campus. Therefore, we had to approach the project from a global perspective. Product, design and technology united for an ambitious purpose.


Three pillars have guided our work: community, education and support. After assimilating the whole concept and understanding the customer journey together with the Service Design team, we worked hand in hand with IESE so that all departments —education, tech, finance, marketing, community and student support— had their needs met with the launch of My IESE. True design partners.

Working together for a greater outcome

Before getting down to work, we held a workshop to define the keywords that describe IESE, as well as its needs, pain points and required features. With this in mind, we defined the content architecture and customer journey. A well-established baseline from which to start designing.


Our starting point was the first proof of concept to establish hypotheses. We proposed the initial architecture to organize all the available information and determine the different journeys and navigation phases. From these foundations, we created the first low-fidelity prototypes to test internally, and then with IESE students.


We also worked on the photographic style and created a user-friendly secondary palette. IESE's red-black combination brings an energy that finds its perfect counterpart in soft, soothing colors, which serve to convey the entire flow of information in a pleasant and calm way. Reflection, knowledge and alignment with IESE's communication department.


We developed a Welcome Tour that introduces students to the studies they're going to take. Then, an onboarding on the platform shows them all its functionalities. Students are fully supported until they begin their own journey through My IESE, with a dashboard that adapts to each user so that they can find what they need whenever they need it.


The result is a unique and consistent platform that provides a simple and enjoyable experience for students: A toolkit full of resources that helps them meet their academic, personal and professional goals.


By building a design system, we ensured that My IESE will become the place where you can always find what you need. In addition, working with a global educational institution always requires scaling products and being coherent with all the communication flow that is generated in the offline sphere.

We defined the layout of the most important elements, styles, icons and other settings that would guarantee a positive use of all the content, and an outstanding browsing experience.


We love to empower our partners. That's why another key element of this project is the creation of templates so that the IESE team can include new content and functionalities without relying on a custom solution created by Soluble.

After analyzing IESE's platforms' numerous pages, we identified the need for four basic designs that could meet all of these needs, while maintaining visual consistency and a seamless experience.


As strategic partners, we managed all the information obtained in the immersion process and through user research. With this data, we created backlogs that allowed us to prioritize improvements in each sprint. We want IESE's CTOs to spend their time on what matters most.

The analysis processes we carried out with more than 4,000 users have served to verify that the user is having a positive journey and, at the same time, to improve the product thanks to their feedback.


After joining their development sprints, we are perfectly integrated into IESE's working process. And we are fortunate that the adventure continues: It's time to scale the product and bring value to other members of the community, such as faculty and staff.