NTT Data

A digital experience for the Insurtech sector

Brand Strategy
2022 — 2023

NTT Data is a global company with a presence in more than 50 countries and is one of the top 10 largest IT services companies in the world.

This technology consulting firm has been conducting in-depth research and a detailed and expert analysis of the Insurtech sector for seven years, extracting accurate conclusions and insights that they share annually in their Insurtech Global Outlook Report: Intelligence and months of dedication and work to make this powerful information accessible to the agents that drive this sector forward.

When they came to Soluble, we had an intuition that their report was a diamond in the rough that could be reimagined and transformed into a true experience with which to extract its total value. We knew it could go further. And with that goal in mind, we started working with them.


Insurtech is a sector on the rise, dynamic, complex, competitive and full of disruptive change. Up-to-date information, based on a broad, contextual view, is critical for industry leaders to excel as experts in this environment.

NTT Data is the one who makes it possible with its in-house methodology and its global and specialist analysis, shared in this report full of strategic and high-impact content, with the most relevant trends, data and key players in the Insurtech ecosystem, as well as insights of great value for making strategic business decisions.

Our goal was to make this report an experience that would live up to its information, for which we had to approach the project from a global perspective, bringing together strategy, product, design and technology. All the areas of Soluble joined together to achieve this ambitious task and to highlight the great work of NTT Data.


A project of such scope doesn't come without its challenges, but that's something we love at Soluble: Firstly, we were faced with the challenge of displaying a significant amount of complex, highly detailed information and data, the product of several months of research and development by the NTT Data team.

To make this report an informative, interactive and truly useful experience, we had to show all the content, data and insights in a visually accessible way, while remaining true to the intent of the report and its great value, without losing the fine detail.

This brought us to the third challenge: to go beyond. At Soluble we understand brands as the creation of a universe that allows, from a non-explicit sensory trigger, to quickly identify its creator. For this report, which gets the attention of the entire sector for a few weeks and has specific and delimited audiences, it was necessary to completely identify its strengths, organize its discourse and generate theoretical and practical tools as a first step toward the creation of its own identity universe.

Where to start? As always, at Soluble, first of all we immerse and soak ourselves in the reality of the company, its context and the people who compose it.


Immersion is the most crucial part of a project. Without it, we wouldn't be able to understand NTT Data's journey, its objectives and its needs; fundamental tools to be able to make strategic decisions. We conducted a workshop with the main stakeholders to learn in depth about the observation and analysis work required to create such a detailed report; we studied their audiences and the playing field, to bring out all the challenges, strengths and opportunities of their brand.

During our observation, we discovered everything behind Insurtech Global Outlook. That union of people, technology, data, experience, methodology and analysis in a unique framework, which allows them to offer a broad-spectrum, brilliant vision: the essence of their study and work.


From this perspective, we worked on a strategy that we built in a scalable way, useful in the long term and for each new brand project. We synthesized the entire Insurtech Global Outlook universe into a platform from which to work with consistency and coherence, and we leveraged a powerful narrative that distills the report's full potential: that unique experience of diving into the Insurtech ecosystem. Knowledge put into action. The ultimate tool to facilitate the progress and successful work of this sector's agents.

We also needed a concept capable of gathering and projecting all the brand's attributes, and we found it in the Insurtech Sentinel: An expert observer, with a very high understanding of this industry, precise and with a unique methodology that allows him to achieve the best results. This sentinel was the inspiration to create an identity that would provide a common thread to the whole experience.


We had before us an industry leader that provides access to privileged, high-value, high-impact information. We had a set of goals, and the intention to create an experience that would bring out the full power of this information. We just needed to initiate the necessary mechanisms to make that intention a tangible reality, but which ones?

At Soluble we ask ourselves many questions; this is what allows us, from a strategic base, to create solutions that bring us closer to the goal. In this ambitious project, there were several that guided our next steps and helped us make the right decisions:

How do we translate this high-quality data and expert analysis into an identity of its own? How do we reflect it visually and verbally in each and every interaction?

And, especially, how do we generate a complete experience around this report? Do we approach the project by going beyond the downloadable product? We also wondered if technology could help us meet this challenge, as it has done so many times before at Soluble.

We found the answers to these questions in the next phases of the project, which we'll tell you about in more detail very soon.