Plaza Nae, a transformative space

Brand Strategy

Nae is a top consulting firm in the Telco market, formed by a team of 350 professionals around the world and with a common goal: To challenge and accompany organizations in their transformation. But the most important thing is not what they do, but how they do it; in a personal and approachable way, and with a creative and innovative spirit with which they achieve incredible results.

At Soluble we were lucky enough to experience this philosophy when we accompanied them in the process of transforming their identity. With Nae we learned to go beyond to reflect their unique vision: close, expert and disruptive. That's why their new identity is so unconventional. And that's why, when we set out to work on their brand, the strategy revealed a unique activation opportunity: Conceptualizing their workplace in Madrid.

Guided by the strategy, we co-created a truly multipurpose space, flexible and adaptable to all the needs of the Nae team and their collaboration in a hybrid work model. Open to its entire ecosystem, self-managed by those who bring it to life and designed to connect people and ideas. A place as unique and as challenging as the Nae brand itself.


Our most valuable tool, the one that allows us to give consistency and coherence to all brand actions, and the one that guides us in bringing them to life, is strategy. We always come back to it to make every decision, and in Nae's case, the strategy shed light on a path that was seldom traveled and very exciting.

One of the pillars of the Nae brand is the creativity it applies to everything it does, approaching each project with fresh eyes, understanding its specific needs and the people involved, in order to work in a personalized way. At Nae they’ve created a space where paths of transformation are expressed with freedom and a co-creative attitude. A solid collaboration that’s done from different countries, even different time zones, using all kinds of tools. From this knowledge, we identified one more tool to challenge people to improve and achieve their goals: their workspace. A point of contact to express their brand, add layers of value and connect all Nae people: teams, customers and partners.


It was clear to us that for Nae it’d be impossible to connect the way they do if their people didn't share a purpose; one that permeates every relationship and every project: to bring about change. And when this purpose is brought to all their tools and all their channels, it’s only natural to bring about change in the physical space as well, to connect in a way that’s authentically Nae.

And the timing couldn't be better. Right during the post-pandemic, a time of uncertainty when companies had to decide —with greater or lesser involvement of their teams— how and from where to work. But uncertainty activates levers of opportunity, and at Nae, where their international activity already made them seek collaborative and remote ways of working, this new context helped them make a decision based on their own nature: to break down physical barriers.

Thus we began a deep immersion in which we researched, held internal forums and conducted multiple interviews to understand what the Nae brand and its team needed in order to work seamlessly in a hybrid model, to discover new ways of understanding workspaces and reveal how we could adapt them to their unique way of doing things. This essential phase, and the brand strategy we’d already worked on, helped us make decisions to get closer to our ultimate goal: To help Nae create an ideal foundation on which to work, continue to build their culture, and strengthen their bond.


The main challenge when we were designing this space was that, due to its multidisciplinary team, the constant travel of its professionals and the variety of projects, the number of workspaces needed at Nae was also multiplying. But all of them could and should aim for the same thing: The well-being of those who occupy them, facilitate teamwork, and transmit the essence of their brand.

Another challenge was to unite opposites: The physical space with the virtual space, teamwork with concentration. Nae's people wanted an office with an integrating function, an optional workplace that would satisfy the hybrid model and not forget individual comfort. They needed a dynamic space that would facilitate their innovation and their desire to work together as a team. An open and inspiring space for conversation, collaboration and creativity, where Nae's talented people and their clients would be the protagonists.


Focusing on these core elements, we worked collaboratively with the architects and the Nae team to find all the solutions that this space had to offer. An Activation project in which continuous communication, with weekly meetings, was essential to work in a very agile way and co-create between teams —and in the minimum time— this ideal space, Plaza Nae.

To meet all the team's needs, we found inspiration, of course, in their brand. Nae is an organization that adapts to each project, each client and each person, and that's why whoever interacts with the brand decides how to express this bond visually. So they color and shape their unique relationship with Nae. And couldn't their workspace and collaboration space also adapt to whoever uses it and how they use it?

It was clear to us that it could, and under this premise, we created a liquid, flexible and multipurpose space, where independent and private work areas can be delimited, or meeting rooms can be joined to collaborate in a large group. It can be transformed to host exhibitions, talks, debates and workshops. Where everything revolves around a place of union, the square: natural, luminous and ambivalent. But where there are places to unwind, such as the bar, places to concentrate, such as the 'focus point' booths, and diaphanous places in which to be inspired.

One of these spaces is an environment equipped with flexible furniture and tools designed to encourage creative, enjoyable and active work, which responds to Nae's '2go2gether' methodology. It offers a pleasant alternative to sitting 100% of the time in front of a screen; with furniture adaptable to different heights and positions, with wheels to redesign the environment according to needs, to facilitate continuous movement, change of posture and working with hands.

So, just like the brand, each space at Plaza Nae exists to suit each person, team and project. To build the ideal environment —or multiple ideal environments— from which to face each challenge, bring about change and discover how to go further: With new ways of working, new methodologies and new sources of inspiration. This is the opportunity that Plaza Nae, the unconventional office of an unconventional brand, gives to all the people in its team, its clients and its partners.


A brand is its people, and a space that communicates what Nae is, could not do so without them. Those who now enjoy this workplace were also at the center of all decisions: The resources they needed to achieve their goals, the fundamental connection between the physical and the virtual environment, and the opportunity they sought for collaboration and spontaneity to share ideas. Their people were also the ones who decided how to name the spaces at Plaza Nae: the meeting room 'Gran Vía', the central area for sharing ideas 'El Retiro'…

And as it couldn't happen any other way, this team has gone even further by making their workplace self-managed. There’s no single person in charge of the smooth running of the office; the whole team collaborates to make it work for everyone who uses it. Because this space is authentically theirs, and authentically Nae.

Since they opened Plaza Nae in Madrid, we at Soluble are anxious to find out what our next stop on their map will be: maybe Barcelona, maybe Bogotá. What we do know is that this team has a great future ahead of them. The latest of their successes is proof of this: as of September 2023, they are part of Minsait and the Indra ecosystem, a union that reinforces Nae's role as the largest consultancy firm in the Telco sector in Spain.