A brand to join you in every adventure

Brand Strategy
2022 — 2023

At Soluble we make good brands look as good as they really are. And the best example of this is our work with Totto, a leading brand in the sector of backpacks, suitcases and travel accessories from Colombia. A company with more than 30 years of history that radiates personality through high-quality products and offers a universe of possibilities for everyone.

The relationship between Totto and Soluble kicked off with an exciting challenge: To define and activate a brand that would maintain the essence of its parent company and strengthen its positioning in the Spanish and European markets.

Understanding as a first step to solving needs

Totto is an excellent example of a customer-centric company. They pamper the customers and think about them constantly to create a real community where everyone has a place reserved for them.

This was precisely one of the major conclusions of our immersion process: Totto Spain's competitive advantage is a deep knowledge of the consumer that allows them to offer the best solutions in backpacks and suitcases, whatever the stage or time in the life of the person who buys.

And how can we have a clear understanding of the needs of each moment? With the support of a key tool: Brand personas —much more than buyer personas—, which are perfect for reflecting consumer habits and personifying the brand. They represent its personality attributes and define how it engages with the community.

Creating and getting to know Marina, Mario, David, Rebeca and Jesús means solving the needs of a heterogeneous public, because each person is a world universe.

The brand strategy

We helped Totto Spain encapsulate, in a few words, something that’s very present in their daily lives: Their intention is to accompany unconditionally in every adventure, in every trip, to facilitate and bring happiness. Even if they’re routine journeys, because they’re perhaps the most important ones.

Practicality, loyalty and empowerment supported its purpose and became its brand pillars. Totto is useful because it creates functional products, it’s loyal because it offers high-quality products and it’s empowering because it has a wide catalog of designs for you to show your personality.

And if the customer's personality is important, so is the brand's. Which one reinforces these attributes and supports the strategy? It was there from the beginning, in the team, in the company's actions: the explorer friend. Or, in a personalized way, the adventurer friend. Courage, connection, help, adventure, personality.

Authenticity and consistency with Totto Colombia

When it came to developing Totto's brand strategy, many of the elements were already there because Totto already had a base worked on by the parent brand.

We worked with high-quality material, and the challenge was to shape it through a careful immersion that would enable us to develop a useful and empowering brand platform for Totto Spain. One that allows everyone who interacts with Totto to know the brand's essence and connect with it. Without the need for pretensions, because the goal is to last. The most profitable investment.

Supporting the companion: The activation plan

Our journey with Totto took us to different destinations, all of them exciting.

With the brand strategy in place, we already had a clear roadmap. Starting from it —like we always do at Soluble— we defined an Action Plan to activate the brand organically at all touch points: From the website and blog to social networks, including influencer marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns.

A holistic vision that, of course, also took into account performance and CRM.

Training the team to unfold the strategic work

The icing on the cake was training the Totto team, giving them new perspectives on content creation (approaches, themes, ways to bring value to users...) through documents and targeted sessions. The more knowledge they had in the backpack, the better.

Totto Spain is the ideal companion for every adventure. The journey along with its customers, throughout life, is an exciting one, and Totto already has the necessary tools to face everything that lies ahead at each stop along the way.